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Seven Bridges School Goes Virtual

Since Seven Bridges School is now closed until April 15, 2020, due to Governor Ron DeSantis’ mandate for closure of public and private schools to protect us from exposure to the Corona Virus COVID 19, the students at Seven Bridges School are seeing their teachers and classmates virtually.

Faculty and leadership team of SBS put together a platform for teaching students virtually utilizing the latest technologies available. From Google Classroom, to Zoom, to YouTube, and other applications that vary with grades, students are able to sign in at roll call and continue their daily course work.

Online learning is not a novelty at SBS where it is common for students to be engaged online in programs such as Scientific Learning’s Fast ForWord, Reading Assistant Plus, Mathletics and many more.   The virtual classrooms still feature SBS small class sizes and as much one-on-one attention from their teachers as possible during those classes. Private zoom classes are scheduled as requested.

“I have been conferencing with other heads of school around Florida through the Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS) to gather any information from other school leaders that would make our transition to a virtual school easier,” commented Director Nancy W. Alberts, M.Ed., BCCS.  “What I discovered was that with our style of teaching at SBS, which already consists of the utilization of computers and communication technologies, it would be much easier for us because we are almost already there.  However, during lunch period in Ms. Tully’s class one day this week I walked by and heard behind the door the laughter and conversations of children. It sounded just like the children were in class enjoying each other’s company and friendship, and they were not physically, but virtually. Our students and your children are leading us in a time of crisis to the joy we are able to find in each other’s company virtually, if only for a while.”

On March 23, teachers dedicated a single day to adapting their lessons plans on Google Classroom for the Zoom online meeting platform. Even though most of them have never led virtual classrooms, they were teaching online the very next day.

Over the last week, SBS teachers have developed a routine and schedule leading their students through a Virtual Learning Platform.

“The biggest thing is staying connected with each student.  We acknowledge that it’s really hard for everybody- parents, teachers, and students. Everyone at SBS is striving to keep things as typical as possible during this time of uncertainties,” commented Ms. Alberts.

Some teachers have established temporary classrooms in their homes, complete with motivational posters, whiteboards and charts. Teachers who opt to teach from the school have direct access to their classrooms, and they can avoid interaction with staff.

For all the students at Seven Bridges School, their days still revolve around the study of English, science, math, history, Spanish, and reading and joining their classmates, every day Virtually. Even music, art, robotics, computer, movement, ASL and more are rockin’!


Testimonials Virtual Classroom

Seven Bridges School has successfully shifted classes online...

And our virtual school is receiving rave reviews from parents.

Here are a few emails from parents:


Mr. Rivas,

Thank you! And please pass this on to the faculty and staff at Seven Bridges.

As a parent with a child on the spectrum, I know how frustrating it was to navigate the new schedules, new technology and unique challenges our current situations has thrust upon us. I can only imagine what it must be like for you as educators to shift your entire paradigm and learn these new techniques and technologies on the fly. Thank you for providing us with information and follow up. Ethan got through today with very little disruption. We are still scrambling to make sure YouTube works, that we have copies of the books and supplies he will need to succeed here at home, but I am buoyed by the knowledge that experts like you are there to help guide us and keep us appraised of the needs and demands that this new reality places on our students. Lest you hear complaints or criticisms today. You all did great getting us through our first day. Ethan and his parents thank you! Keep up the great work!

Donald Williams



Subject: SBS Virtual

Just wanted to say you all did a great job this morning!

Adding Zoom was a fantastic idea.






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