Academic Program

While Seven Bridges School practices the accommodation of the special needs of many bright learners without the dilution of academics, the importance of recognizing and adhering to a sequencing of skills is imperative.  Seven Bridges School bases its curriculum on the standards set forth by the state of Florida (see curriculum guide).  Accommodations and modifications are made on an individual basis in all academic areas as stated in the mission of the school. Interdepartmental and intradepartmental planning occurs in every unit of teaching throughout the year. The academic head observes, formally and informally, and continuously advises the faculty during one-on-one meetings, group meetings, and in-service training for specific students’ needs and for neuro-developmental methodology.

Language Arts

The language arts program is based on the sequential arrangement of  the  Florida Department of Education standards and is both intra-curricular and inter-curricular.  Performance management objectives for any language area (phonics, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, syntax, composition, reading and literary development) are delivered to Seven Bridges students based on the level of mastery and neuro-developmental stage of the individual.  Materials and resources include instructional materials from copywrited materials such as Complete Curriculum, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Scholastic, Sitton, EPS, Wordly Wise, Holt Rinehart-Winston, AGS, Jamestown Publishers, Explode the Code, Wilson Language Therapy, Scientific Learning, Arcademics, NoRedInk, and GrammarBytes.  Computer publishing skills and internet research are considered an integral part of language arts curriculum.  The program is further extended with a dual enrollment  in one of two local college programs.

Social Sciences

Seven Bridges School’s  Philosophy of promoting analysis and synthesis thinking is best observed through the social sciences curriculum. It is recognized that the differently learning child may not be the norm of any culture, but is an integral contributor to the mores, cultivation and preservation of a society.    Social sciences begin with a personal awareness.  The new global society demands a greater global awareness of the history, skills, culture, and political systems within a country.  Civic awareness and community service is required of all middle and high school students.  Western and Eastern cultures and geography are taught in accordance with Florida Sunshine State standards and in cooperation with North Florida’s rich multicultural opportunities through field lessons and cultural events opportunities. Texts used are Complete Curriculum and History Alive.  Courses are supplemented with teacher created and online resources. Many Upper Division students are served through Florida Virtual School in Social Science.


Due to the unique styles of the student body, the math program is optimally and efficiently individualized. Vertical alignment is maintained by purposeful schedule articulation. Mathematics instruction begins with an acute awareness for the natural learning for number sense before numerology . Development of calculation skills is continuously reinforced at all levels with an emphasis on accuracy and fluency with continual practice and reinforcement. The conceptual level of mathematics begins with place value and operations.  Number lines, math facts, and decimal systems are properties, powers, and geometric concepts. The upper division skill spectrum extends from pre-algebra, geometry, advanced math, and calculus as meets the requirements of Florida Sunshine State Standards.  The higher levels of algebra and trigonometry are provided as individual students require. Instruction  is provided through Complete Curriculum©, Math-U-See,  IXL, TouchMath®, Starfall, Mathblaster, Arcademics©, and Khan Academy.  The program is further extended with a dual enrollment  in one of two local college programs.


Science thinking and science knowledge begins with the natural curiosity of the child and is respected and nurtured in the philosophy and mission of  Seven Bridges School. The analysis, evaluation, and synthesis levels of neurocognition and social development of the curious mind are further developed during the implementation and within the requirements of Florida Sunshine State standards. This is delivered through internal resources with the aid of Complete Curriculum , Miller/ Levine Biology textbook, Scholastic Science World and Superscience, and varied up to date online resources, such as The Rock Lab, NASA, Smithsonian, and Cpalms resources. A whole child, whole brain emphasis is sustained through hands-on activities of discovery for teamwork and executive function development. An emphasis on research and oral presentations are executed through Science Fair and Academic Fair projects.



I supported my son and Seven Bridges throughout his high school years. Thank you very much for making my dream come true. But mostly my son's dream of going to college a reality. Seven Bridges is the best school ever.

I only wish I had found this school sooner.
Thank you so much Nancy,  and all the teachers at Seven Bridges School

- SBS Parent

Thank you so much Nancy, and all the teachers at Seven Bridges School

I only wish I had found this school sooner.

Thank you very much for making my dream come true. But mostly my son's dream of going to college a reality. Seven Bridges is the best school ever.

- SBS Parent

You are an academic angel for helping that child realize he has a heart. I found your kindness and what you shared with me yesterday very moving.

- Julie A.


We are accredited by the Florida Council of Independent Schools. With such high accreditation, students receive high school credits that will travel not only to the schools and colleges within the United States but also to international institutions.


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